Our Calendar

If you would like Bob to speak at your club or organization about types of insurances including major medical, life, short and long term care, or guaranteed principal and income annuities, please contact him for an available date.


October 15 - December 7....Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.  During this time, you may review Medicare Prescription Drug and Medicare Advantage Plans for the following calendar year and make changes, on a guaranteed issue basis, effective on January 1.


October 1 - March 31....Affordable Care Act Initial Open Enrollment Period.  This Act requires all   individuals under age 65 to obtain health insurance.  Enrollment is guaranteed regardless of health.  During this time you can review plans in your state and determine whether or not you qualify for a government subsidy to assist you in paying premiums.

Contact me to help determine whether or not it is in your best interest to change from your current plan during these enrollment periods.  The companies may change premiums, benefits, and medications covered every year.  You should verify if your current plan is still the best for you.